Top 25 tips and tricks for players of Pokemon Go

As a player of the Pokemon Go at this time, you wish to be the most successful player day after day. On the other hand, you have to use some tricks in this virtual game world for the most favourable situation at all times.  You can pay attention to the following details and improve your proficiency about how to use the most recommended tricks in the Pokemon Go.

  1. Hunt during hours of darkness

It is too difficult to find lots of Pokemon during the daytime. You can find groups of pokemon at night. However, you have to make sure about your safety while hunting pokemon at night.

  1. Make use of Radar Ring
Top 25 tips and tricks for players of Pokemon Go

The role of radar ring is to determine the neighbourhood of gym or PokeStop. If you use this radar ring to track a pokemon for zero steps, then your ring keeps the pokemon out of hiding.

  1. Get at a neutral gym

You may unable to engage in the gym battle personally. You may travel with your friends who engage in the Pokemon Go eagerly. You have to wait in such situations until the gym gets taken over. This is because anyone can drop their Pokemon in the neutral gym.

  1. Different types of pokemon in the friendly gym

If you add more than a few types of pokemon in the friendly gym, then you can get the most expected power and the game play without difficulty. This is worthwhile to make sure about the overall quality of trainer for training pokemon of different types.

  1. Multiple PokeStops in parks

All players of Pokemon Go these days have lots of ideas about where they can capture pokemon as maximum as possible.  You can visit parks where multiple pokestops available at all times. If you visit parks with a wide range of pokestops, then you never run out of pokeballs in your game account.

  1. Hunt pokemon in groups

This is advisable to focus on areas where you can hunt more than one pokemon at the same time. If you hunt pokemon in pairs or groups, then you will become powerful in the virtual game world.

  1. Turn off Augmented Reality

This is vital to keep your Augmented Reality off when you do not find a Pokemon in hilarious places.

  1. Get bonuses

You can toss the pokeball inside the ring shrinking around the pokemon and let this ball land on the nose or head of the pokemon. If you keep the Pokemon locked inside your pokeball instead of breaking free, then you can get bonuses.

  1. Use Razz berries and poke balls wisely

You can use razz berries after you have reached the level 6 and find the strong pokemon.  Razz berries capture strong pokemon more powerfully than usual pokeballs.

  1. Make use of Ingress to be aware of pokestops

You can identify your location and target for enhancing your hunting efforts through the Ingress’s map system.

  1. Drop lures at shops and bars

If you attach the best lures to a local bar or coffee shop, then you can get lots of pokemon directly.

  1. Use Stardust and Candy

 You have to be conscious on your efforts to level up and get higher-level creatures gradually.

  1. Random pokemon spawns

Green fluttering leaves in the Pokemon Go game do not indicate the location of the Pokemon in any aspect. This is worthwhile to stay a few minutes in this surrounding area and reduce your efforts to hunt the pokemon. This is because pokemon sometimes appear in this vicinity.

  1. Parking lots

Pokemon mostly stay near PokeStops in particular parking lots. Successful players explore the gas stations and parking lots to capture common Pokemon in group.

  1. Higher-level creatures

You can seek the level ring around the pokemon’s portrait when you boost up its power.  You can find out the level by amount indicated in the ring.  There is a higher-level creature when these pokemon located nearby your level.

  1. Lucky eggs

Once you have received lucky eggs as level rewards, you have to use them before evolving the Pokemon and an XP spree.

  1. Move eggs around the room

You may have a busy schedule and unable to hunt pokemon efficiently. You can move the mobile forth and back on the desk. Your efforts keep the GPS signal unsteady and keep your egg to hatch.

  1. Unmatched Pokemon

Every pokemon has a primary type and matches up to a few elements. However, you can match the Pokemon with the opposing team’s elements for the best result.  You will get the best result when you match Normal: Fighting, Water: Electric, Grass, Ice: Steel, Rock, Fighting, Fire, Electric: Ground and Steel: Ground, Fighting and Fire.

  1. Dodge in the beginning of the battle

You can get an additional attack or attacks before capturing the opponent when you swipe right or left to the dodge during the beginning of the battle.

  1. Incubate eggs

Players who incubate eggs in a proper way for a long time can get the most expected quality of Pokemon without difficulty.  They incubate eggs by choosing Main Menu > Pokemon and taping on any of them appear.

  1. Attack wisely

Once you have ensured that your opponent is ready for attacking your pokemon at the beginning of the battle, you have to dodge without delay. The next step is to hit the opponent by tapping on your pokemon.

  1. Don’t fret when game crashes while capturing the pokemon

You can force quit the game at first. If you re-open, then you can look at the captured pokemon or the pokeball waiting for you.

  1. Play Pokemon Go early in the morning or later in the evening

Many players do not play during off-hours. Thus, you can get the maximum pokemon.

  1. Use PokeVision

PokeVision tool is used to find out where every type of Pokemon available on the map. You can use this tool and capture pokemon easily.  

  1. Visit places where huge crowds of people stay

If you visit the most renowned stadiums, parks, theatres and other public places where many people visit, then you can find lots of pokestops and opportunities to catch the maximum number of pokemon.