Win a Pokemon GO Plus

Participate in the contest and win a Pokemon GO Plus

Many people nowadays are eager to play Pokemon Go game in their Smartphone and enjoy their free time further. They have decided to maximize their amusement and efforts in this virtual game world. They search for the most special accessories for enhancing their convenience throughout the game play. If they buy the Pokémon Go Plus online, then they can realize their dream about the most comfortable way to play the Pokemon Go on the go. This is because this Bluetooth low energy wearable device is designed to assist every player of Pokemon Go play without looking at their Smartphone at certain times.

You may like to engage in recreation with the most interesting theme of Pokemon Go on the move. You have to take note of various factors for safe traveling and successful game play. You can make use of an advanced design of this wearable device in the upcoming days and be aware of the Pokemon appearance in the neighbourhood of your location without listening to your Smartphone. This wearable device is connected to a Smartphone by using the low energy Bluetooth.

Users of this device notice the LED light glow and experience the vibration when the Pokemon appears nearby their location in the virtual game world. Even though this device is not yet released, many people who play the Pokemon Go mobile game these days are encouraged to buy it soon after this device is available for sale officially. The following details explain you various aspects of this wearable device.

What is Pokémon Go Plus?

Win a Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon Go Plus is the most advanced wearable device connected with the Smartphone by a Bluetooth low energy. This wearable device has the best in class features to detect and notify the user about the appearance of Pokemon nearby. Users of this device do not have to look at their Smartphone’s display on the move. They experience the vibration and flash from this device when there is a Pokemon in close proximity.  Once they have pressed the button, they can throw the PokeBall and capture the Pokemon without difficulty. However, they have to use this facility when they have caught the Pokemon before.  They can search for the most favourable items in the PokeStop and add these items into their inventory directly.

Where to buy a Pokemon Go Plus?

Pokemon Go Plus is not yet released and available for sale worldwide. The official website of Pokemon Go and Nintendo said that this wearable device will be released in late July. The cost of this wearable device is $34.99.  Nintendo stocks this accessory in the UK. This accessory is available for pre-orders with 31 August shipping date.

How to get a free Pokemon Go Plus?

Even though some players have geared up for investing in the Pokemon Go Plus hereafter, many players of Pokemon Go seek how to get this accessory at no cost. If you are unable to afford for this smart wearable accessory, then you can take part in the contest conducted every week and get an opportunity to win this accessory. You will be encouraged to take part in this contest and begin a step to own the most expected wearable device at no cost.

It is the right time to begin a step towards the Pokemon Go Plus. You can register for this contest by using your email address, like Facebook page or Follow in Twitter. A hassle-free way to take advantage of this opportunity and win the most exclusive wearable device make every participant in this contest happier than ever.

How to win a Pokémon Go Plus?

Once you have decided to participate in the contest for Pokemon Go Plus giveaway, you have to be conscious on how you can win this contest within a short time. This is because almost everyone who likes Pokemon Go and the most outstanding features of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory take part in this contest.

The first step to participate in this contest is registration. If you have ensured to register for this contest, then you can make use of one of the following options directly.

  • An email address
  • Like Facebook page
  • Follow in Twitter

You will be happy to enhance your efforts in this contest and try to win the most expected wearable accessory as soon as possible. You may get some challenges in this contest when many people compete at the same time for a free Pokemon Go Plus.  You do not have to pay anything when you participate in this contest. However, you have to be conscious about how you take part in this contest from the beginning. This is because you have loads of opportunities to win this contest. You will be satisfied with a smart way to own the Pokemon Go Plus accessory without spending your hard earned money.